Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lee Angdai cold weather with rain returned again, Incessant rains increased difficulties

Sachin Dhiman
Muzaffarnagar. Including western Uttar Pradesh in northern India, taking place over the last two days of unseasonable rains have increased complications. Monday night and the stop - stop life of ordinary people from the vagaries of weather, but had no effect on certain people and businessmen are in trouble.In most schools the child appeared absent due to rain. Rain has gone cold. The people in my office, is facing a lot of trouble.
Weather took a sudden turn. Rain and snow in mountainous areas in the plains of western Uttar Pradesh and once the winter is back in Muzaffarnagar district.
Muzaffarnagar space because of rain in the city - there is a place and people delay jam has reached his office. Increased cold Tuesday morning until noon, when people are indoors. Berfwali occurred in parts of the country where heavy rain and the cold grew. Meteorological Department had already predicted rain.
Jljmav the increased forces, how to get the office?
The unseasonable rain from place to place - is Jljmav streets. People walk on the road must have been miserable. People working on the streets waiting for vehicles to come to your office or workplace was seen. Rain subsided shortly after being started. Everyone was preparing to leave his office, but he already was late because of the rain. Stored water to cross the street while his shoes were wet badly. Roadways along the road in front of the station and stopped long enough to wait for the auto and rickshaw was seen. But not got auto and rickshaw. When the rain started again from his office, the working people were quite wet. Everyone is worried that the rain finally to the office? On Tuesday, the stop - stop, due to heavy rain burdensomeness got everyone out of their homes. Not only because of marital season to go to their familiar and Ristdaron also is facing enormous difficulties.
Pundits considered the 6th, 7th and 8th February is considered an auspicious day for weddings Tina these days is consistently a big wedding season. The reason people go to weddings with their Ristdaron has also burdensomeness.
'll Just rain
According to the Meteorological Department and the other 36 hours are living extremely dangerous. Heavy snowfall in the north (mountainous areas) and the fierce rain alert has been issued.
The rain was worrying for farmers
Monday to stop - stop, getting from place to place due to the heavy rain that fell waterlogging. The life of people is affected. On the other hand, due to the heavy rain has gone cold on the other, due to the heavy rain has become Musbit for farmers. Rain for the wheat and mustard crop has now exceeded the rain appears to have given the farmers concerned. If the rain is over and the rain Geenhu and mustard crop loss will be much greater scope. Farmers say that rain on the wheat and mustard would be more damaging.

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