Sunday, February 10, 2013

Students will learn the tricks of karate, self defense for girls called for independent

Muzaffarnagar (Alert News). Municipality, the Council last month by Ved Prakash Sharma, young women and women's self defense karate instructor for the martial arts training is underway. Karate camp trainees learned the martial arts of karate is different. Municipality, including the Municipal Council Chairman Pankaj Agrawal Kanya Inter College was launched in martial arts training camp. 12.30 & 1.30 o'clock noon until the time has been set. Hundreds of municipal Girls Inter College students taking martial arts training.Instructor Ved Prakash Sharma said that women and girls in society to eliminate tampering with evil as they are training. Ved Sharma to train thousands of young women and women have been targeted. Inter College Principal of the Municipality on the occasion Arifa Naqvi, spokesman and all teachers in addition to sports shashibala Agarwal Ashok Agarwal, Purnchand, Sunil Kumar were present.

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