Sunday, February 17, 2013

In the lee of the nose Opreshn doctors removed the kidney patient, death in the absence of treatment, the villagers Gussaan Todfod in nursing homes,

Muzaffarnagar (Alert News). To traverse the patient's kidney removal operation and the operation time of the death of the patient to the hospital Destroyed angry villagers and doctors, Kmpounderon, including nurses to attack patients. Police arrived at the scene of the villagers faced resentment. Relatives of the deceased had stalled on the issue of kidney removal. Promised by the police and officials have been directed to post-mortem of the deceased young man command. They are extremely angry villagers District Hospital and Postamartm family house was also strongly commotion.
The nose of the order on Saturday after the operation was carried out by Dr. Gajraj Singh, appearing at his nursing home Faruki plastic surgeon Dr. Reza had plastic surgery of the nose of the order. For plastic surgery with Dr. Raza Faruki piece of flesh from his stomach to his nose surgery. Meanwhile, the patient's condition worsened and order, died Sunday morning. The families of the deceased command outrageous negligence of doctors in the village Purbalian reported the incident. The outrageous tax ª Ctor Trolion rural riding in three Manorama trooped into the hospital. After about an hour the villagers ransacked fierce Manorama hospital and doctor at the nursing home into a garbage dump. All rooms of the hospital, including doctor's luxury car Grraminon entered the gate, the glass broke and the OPD and operation theater into a garbage dump. Furious villagers doctors, patients, hospital staff also Timardaron and bashing their strongly rebuked and cast.
According to information of the deceased, was ordered Mne SSC exams. Order to increase the nasal bone caused by his Prijno Dr. Gajraj Singh on Saturday at the Sadar Bazaar in the hospital Manorama was admitted to the operation of the nasal bone. Manorama discussion appearing at the hospital, Dr. Reza Faruki order the patient's nose operation did with Dr. Gajraj Singh.Treatment of ignoring the order died on Sunday morning.created commotion over. During treatment in the patient's death and the police reported Hdkmp there was uproar. Gussaan family and the villagers did not calm the anger at the district hospital and he was in uproar and commotion raised by villagers at Rampur Morcri the trisection.

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