Monday, February 11, 2013

Bsedha Gangrep five life sentences, all fourteen accused convicted

Punishment given to ANM, including two women, were acutely embarrassing for humanity Gangrep: judge

Muzaffarnagar. District on Monday in the latest scandal Bseda Gangrep IV Additional District Sessions Judge RP Singh, fourteen accused is convicted. Gangrep five accused persons convicted of three women convicted on charges of kidnapping and destroy evidence and sentenced to imprisonment and financial penalties. RP Singh learned judge said in his order that the recovery Abhiyuktgnon one half the amount of the penalty should be given to the victim of rape.
Additional District and Sessions Judge IV RP Singh in the court case about a decade old news Bsedha Gangrep court's decision to hear the people inside the premises of opposition parties present in large numbers. The safety office complex special security arrangements have been made with the court. Gangrep accused in court today sentenced to three years in Jullu Julfkar alias and a fine of three thousand, two thousand homestead three years imprisonment and fines, Israel sentenced to seven years and eight thousand fine and three years of waiting In addition to the kidnapping and rape conviction and a fine of four thousand streams accused accused severe than Zuber Mehtab, Hifju aka Hifjurrhman, Shamshad and Anees Ahmed master life imprisonment and twenty - twenty thousand rupees sentenced to fines. In addition, Ms. Rukhsana six thousand to seven years imprisonment and fines, where Mrs. officer sentenced to seven years and a fine of ten thousand, three-year sentence and three thousand Mustafa Rahi Muktyar fined and sentenced to three years and Also sentenced to a fine of three thousand raped woman sentenced to three years in stitches the ANM Mrs. shashiprabha penalty and was sentenced to two thousand rupees. RP Singh learned judge said in his order that the recovery Abhiyuktgnon one half the amount of the penalty should be given to the victim of rape.
In the statement of the victim and witnesses by the court and the names of the five accused have been added. The case went to court against sixteen accused the two accused had been declared the nominee. His trial is still pending in juvenile court.
Bseda Gangrep plaintiff Ravinder Kumar scandal accused Israel with his family lived in the apartment rental. Devendra landlord of his brother became an affair with a girl and she was allegedly abducted an Israeli girl. In this case, Israel had filed reports of the abduction of his daughter. October nine young men of the Israel side of Ravindra minor with the intent to avenge his sister kidnapped and gang-raped. Moreover, the accused went to the house Ravindra was beaten with his family. Rape and the accused had fled, leaving the victim unconscious. He was taken to the police station in an unconscious state. Developments in the market and the public at that time was panicked. Assistant District government advocate on behalf of the prosecution Jitendra Tyagi total of fourteen witnesses in this case are discussed Gangrep.
The approach is not eligible to be adopted.instructed that. SO Civil Line Kamal Yadav heavy police force and PAC personnel after the verdict with the accused took the district jail.
The accused in the Allahabad High Court challenging the decision said.

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